long roadWith the explosion of eCommerce, it is increasingly difficult to compete on product and pricing alone. The customer experience (CX) has become a key competitive differentiator, driving purchasing decisions, and in some cases, building brand loyalists.

What Do Customers Now Expect?

Today’s customers want low-effort, high value, personalised interactions, and they choose to buy from organisations that provide this level of service. Yet, with a growing number of channels and touchpoints, customer interactions are more complex than ever. To meet your customers’ needs, have you re-examined how your offerings deliver differentiated and compelling CX?

The entire customer journey must be consistent, connected, and personalised. This requires anticipating customers’ needs, and upon recognizing their intent, history, and preferences, identifying the next-best action. Such an approach allows you to position CX as a cornerstone of your value proposition. However, getting to this point requires a clear CX roadmap to align your products and services, and the areas that matter most to both you and your customers.

Leveraging CX as a Competitive Differentiator

Businesses that set themselves apart from their competitors design, develop, market, and promote their CX in the same way they do their products. The cross-functional effort (and expense) that goes into launching a new product or service is enormous. Everything is done to ensure it meets the customer’s needs, price point, and profitability. Unfortunately, few organizations apply this level of discipline to developing their CX.

With a history that spans more than two centuries, Australia Post knew they needed an improved CX roadmap if they were going to retain their position as Australia’s largest retail network. With a multitude of voice platforms, CRM applications, and business tools, Australia Post found increasingly difficult to manage disparate systems and understand how their customers were engaging across multiple channels.

Australia Post chose the Genesys Customer Experience Platform and integrated multiple point solutions to transform the way they manage interactions, and to gain greater insight into their end-to-end customer journeys. With an updated CX roadmap and the right solution in place, customers, parcels, and repeat interactions are now quickly identified. Agents have the full context and can reduce customer frustration. This has led to a 10% improvement in both first contact resolution and average handling time, along with a 4% increase in Net Promoter Score.

Is It Time to Create Your CX Roadmap?

Although most organisations are very aware of the changing competitive landscape, far fewer actually have the current capabilities to provide the CX required to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A recent Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report surveyed companies across multiple industries to better understand current CX challenges. The findings clearly indicated that many do not have a clear roadmap to even meet the demands of today’s customers, and are far from differentiating their CX.

  • More than 53% admitted that their agents couldn’t see customers’ digital engagement, resulting in customers having to repeat issues when they crossed channels.
  • Nearly 40% stated that they had no data analysis tools.
  • Only 60% have contact centre systems that are integrated with wider enterprise systems.
  • Two out of five believe that their existing contact center systems can’t support current needs.

Do these challenges sound familiar? To begin the process of developing a clear CX roadmap, it’s important to ask a few key questions:

  • Is your CX aligned with your brand values?
  • What is most important to your customers across channels and functions?
  • How differentiated is your CX?

The answers will provide some preliminary clues to understand your strengths and weaknesses. This can help launch the process of delving deeper into your overall CX landscape and identifying gaps that need to be addressed. From there, you can begin the strategic planning to design an improved CX roadmap.

Partner with a Leader in CX Solutions

More than ever, great CX is dependent on delivering seamless, personalized, proactive service. With customer journeys taking place on multiple channels, the need for a clear CX roadmap and the solution to support it is more important than ever to gain a competitive advantage.

Are you unclear about the future of your current contact centre solution vendor? In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s a smart business decision to work with a provider who is financially sound and has a clear vision for your future success.

Find out more about how to gain a clear competitive advantage by working with the global omnichannel CX and contact center solution leader.

Matt Surridge

Based in Hong Kong, Matt Surridge is currently Strategic Director,Digital Channels & Customer Experience for APAC at Genesys. With more than 20 years of experience in the contact centre and software industries, Matt has held variety of roles, ranging from...