thinkingBy far the biggest event for the contact centre industry in the UK, Customer Contact Expo (CCE) is the annual conference that helps businesses to learn about new products and services, discover best practice and network with competitors, vendors, peers and experts.

Genesys has been a major presence
at these events for years. We’re one of the biggest providers in the market, and so part of that role is to share what we’ve learned, provide demos and information about our new technology, and to highlight challenges and trends on the horizon for our customers and prospects.

Now that the dust has settled on CC Expo for 2015 I want to share my view on this year’s conference, from the mood of the attendees to the most in-demand trends, as well as the feedback we received during the event.

Attendee quality and quantity were up

We observed a much greater footfall than predicted – there was a huge number of people compared to previous years when I have been on the conference floor – but perhaps the most surprising thing was the types of people in attendance. We usually see people involved in purchasing decisions coming to the Genesys stand and asking about demos, but for the first time we saw a much higher numbers of senior staff across both Customer Experience and IT who were engaged, interested and ready to learn. For us this highlighted the demand for new ideas and technology in customer journey building, but also a wider trend for CX and IT architecture to fall under one overall enterprise structure, rather than sitting separately in the business.

Digital demand continues to grow

Most attendees looking to improve their established contact centres were very focused on digital. It was far and away the most requested demo by visitors to the Genesys stand, and people were very keen to learn how they can use technology to engage with customers across mobile, social and web collaboration.

The digital demonstration that I think had the biggest impact was the customer mobile application demo, which replicated the interaction between a customer and a brand over a mobile app in real time. The exciting part wasn’t always the connection with a customer across an app, but in seeing that interaction instantly reflected across the website, the app, and the customer database, and understanding the powerful insights passed onto any agents who come into contact with that customer in future.

 Omnichannel is becoming the norm     

The example I just provided, where insights and data on a customer were instantly reflected across multiple channels, has become a baseline expectation for early adopters of omnichannel and crosschannel. Most businesses have a great handle on phone and webchat capabilities in their contact centres already but are yet to embrace social media, Skype and IM channels such as Whatsapp. At CC Expo we spoke to a number of these businesses about how to get started – many of which are in a perfect position right now to build omnichannel architecture that can seamlessly add channels according to customer preferences over time rather than operating in siloes, and some of which we hope to be working with in the near future.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, we will be continuing to help businesses to speak to their customers on their preferred channels and manage those communications to drive efficiency and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

If you missed CC Expo this year but still want to learn more about omnichannel, I recommend reading our recent recent Forrester report on digital changes to the contact centre, Die Go Digital or Die! Or getting in touch with one of the team.

Neil Titcomb

Neil Titcomb

Sales Director Cloud UK & I A recognised contact centre industry veteran, Neil brings over 15 of experience in the contact centre environment to Genesys. As Sales Director for Cloud UK & Ireland, Neil is responsible driving revenue through all...