Workforce Jedi 560x320I’m one of the many people who is delighted that Star Wars is back in our cinemas for the foreseeable future. I know I’m not alone because the franchise has one of the best good versus evil storylines of our time, and who could resist that?

The story of a constant battle between good and evil is not just for the big screen. It should be for your contact centre too.

Despite best efforts, from time to time every contact centre will experience disruptions in the “Force.” You might not see it, but you can certainly feel it when it happens, and the “dark side” moves in. Cyber attacks expose your company and your customers to great risk. There is no try, only do. Now is the time to master compliance and risk in your contact centre, and learn how you can defeat fraud issues with a platform that will aid you in reaching PCI standards and more. As Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back, “Mastering the Force is all about the power of belief and trusting you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Are credit card transactions processed in your contact centre? If your contact centre handles any credit card information provided verbally, recorded, or stored, either with a live agent or via an IVR, your company needs to be compliant. There are different levels of compliance, depending on your region and its laws, and if you are not operating at the right security level, you could be at risk. You can no longer only worry about credit card numbers; there is a lot of sensitive customer data that needs protection.

Just like a legion of storm troopers dropping in for a visit, security breaches and cyber-crime need to be stopped before they create havoc on your eCommerce world. Unfortunately, just like the Rebel Alliance, there are pieces of sensitive data that flow through contact centers, such as account balances, PIN changes, social security numbers, and transaction histories, which are all susceptible to attack. Customers rely on your company to keep their personal information safe—can your contact centre live up to keeping the villains (queue the loud, ominous breathing) at bay?

You don’t need to take a light saber to what you have now; working with a full-service contact centre vendor that has Jedi mind-control to foresee and manage these numerous regulatory and compliance requirements while offering a solution that is fully compliant will put you on the path of a true Jedi compliance master. Genesys Premier Edition is a cloud-based virtual call centre (VCC) platform that deploys faster than the Millennium Falcon can jump to light speed, supporting multiple industries across the galaxy. Besides compliance for retail and services industries, Genesys Premier Edition can also assist other data-sensitive industries like health providers, financial organisations, and all businesses seeking to meet full ISO and other requirements.

Awaken the force of your contact centre by watching our webinar, Stop Your Call Center from Being an Accessory to a Crime and learn more about payment card data, compliance, security trends, and the five best practices for your contact center. And visit our site for more information on improving the security of your contact center.

May the force be with you and your contact centre!