Stay tuned to digital channelRecently in Dublin I was proud to be part of the CCMA Workforce Optimisation event, where Genesys shared customer experience best practice and strategy with leading Irish organisations across insurance, banking, and utilities industries.

With over 74% of customers using three or more channels to communicate with brands, it is becoming increasingly urgent for businesses to modernise their approach to workforce optimisation in the contact centre.

Delivering excellent customer experiences is becoming more complex with each additional channel added to the mix, and it is essential to give a consistently high standard of service that looks and feels the same throughout the customer journey, regardless of channel.

During the event we outlined how some of our customers are using workforce optimisation to not only get a handle on omnichannel and multimodal communications with their customers, but drive profitability and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Having worked with thousands of businesses, and being a business that constantly evolves according to changes in technology and consumer behaviour, we’ve developed a formula for workforce optimisation strategy based on the past challenges and successes we have achieved with our customers.

We have observed that customers are most successful when they set clear business objectives ahead of implementation that focus on specific, measurable improvements within the business instead of general goals.

The three objectives that have the biggest overall impact on the business which can be met through workforce optimisation are as follows:

The above objectives might seem obvious, but by giving the strategy a simple purpose it will ensure that all of the effort and investment put into the implementation will feed into one or more of these core business drivers and increase its chances of success.

By following this approach, the results speak for themselves. Most of our customers achieve:

  • 10% reduction in average handle time;
  • 20% increase in agent productivity;
  • Agent utilisation and productivity up 10% and 18%, respectively;
  • 10% cut in staffing costs; Total cost of ownership reduction of 5%;
  • and 50% increase in planner productivity.

Of the 50 attendees at the closed CCMA event, most we spoke to were very interested in the technology that could help them to achieve contact centre modernisation. Of course, technology has a major role in achieving the results we’ve outlined, but only when the right applications are strategically aligned with the business. The strategy that drives change in the business is just as important as the tools used.

At the moment there is a strong intersect between most workforce implementation strategies and speech analytics, which can help to drive better business results through an integrated WFO solution.

Most brands interact with their customers over the phone and have the infrastructure in their contact centre already, and speech analytics can help to take that to a new level. It can measure success in the contact centre and, when turned into actionable insights, can drive efficiency, increase sales and align the business with regulatory compliance. The true value of speech analytics is not just in recording spoken words or phrases, but in the data and raw human insights it provides.

Mission-critical information about products, issues, agent performance and brand perception can be found by categorising and analysing recorded phone and Skype conversations between customers and brands, and provide a true picture of how customers really view a brand.

By collecting data from recorded voices about topics, emotions, and even the frequency and duration of silences during calls, decision makers can identify patterns, trends and issues using the big data gathered over time and then quickly seize an opportunity or react to an issue much earlier than they would without access to this technology.

CCMA Ireland Awards

Having met representatives from so many major Irish organisations at the Workforce Optimisation event, I was delighted to return for the CCMA Ireland Awards in November as a Gold sponsor. These awards are in their 20th year and had an excellent turn out, with more than 750 attendees.

They are a great way of giving recognition to Irish-based businesses doing great work within the contact centre industry and they also highlight the important role that customer experience now plays for companies looking to differentiate from their competitors. The likes of Dell and Ryan Air were among the range of organisations to be recognised at the annual awards.

One of the trends that has been increasingly prevalent in recent years at the CCMA Awards is the use of technology and social media within the contact centre to differentiate from the competition, and some of the awards on the night recognise progress in this space.

The use of technology and social media is without a doubt fundamental to any modern contact centre strategy, and the increased deployment of these technologies demonstrates the understanding these businesses have of the need to invest in and develop their customer engagement strategy.

If you would like to find out more about continuous workforce optimisation, we have developed a whitepaper that covers objective setting and WFO strategy in more detail, which we invite you to download and read here.

Neil Titcomb

Neil Titcomb

Sales Director Cloud UK & I A recognised contact centre industry veteran, Neil brings over 15 of experience in the contact centre environment to Genesys. As Sales Director for Cloud UK & Ireland, Neil is responsible driving revenue through all...